Where To Eat Italian Food In Melbourne

Melbourne, often referred to as ‘Marvelous Melbourne’, is incredibly famous worldwide for it’s coffee and many know it as the coffee capital of the world. But what about the city’s Italian food? Is it up to the same high standard?


Well, yes, it does! From Italian desserts to Italian steakhouses, Melbourne has it all.


A pizza is always a good option at an Italian and at ’11 Inch Pizza Little Collins’ you can find some of the best pizza at a low cost (around 18 dollars). If you’re a vegetarian and looking for a delicious pizza, this hearty Italian is described as the hidden gem of Melbourne.


However, the best Italian restaurant in Melbourne has to be ‘Scorpi’. The 5 star rating after 946 Trip Advisor reviews gives this restaurant the right to be classy and on the expensive side. This award-winning restaurant has an incredible standard of food, with rabbit and fresh oysters on the menu, making it the perfect place for a night of fine dining. Make sure you book a table with this one as it can fill up quick and if you are looking for affordable italian restaurant in Camberwell!


Can you eat dessert too? ‘Pidapipo Gelateria’, found on Lygon street, Melbourne, is the number one place to go for an Italian dessert. It really is number one, 288 excellent reviews on Trip Advisor has given this Italian a 4.5/5 overall and the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ award three years in a row!

Pidapipo Gelateria is famous for its ice cream, with the Nutella, chocolate and apple crumble flavours proving to be very popular with the customers! Including gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options, there is a dessert for everyone at Pidapipo Gelateria. Unfortunately Pidapipo Gelateria is also very famous for its long queues, however many on Trip Advisor say that this Italian cuisine is worth the wait.