When Is the Best Time to Visit Melbourne

Melbourne is a beautiful place with lots to offer, no matter what time of year you decide to visit it. However, you can determine, when is the best time to visit Melbourne, depending on what exactly is your plan for the stay in this city.

If you want to skip the busy touristic season, the best time is from June to August. Be prepared for it to get a bit chilly, especially during the nights. It might snow in the hills just outside of Melbourne, so you will be able to get a unique skiing experience and enjoy many other city attractions without a crowd of tourists following you wherever you go.
On the contrary, if other tourists and the hot weather don’t bother you, choose the summer months, from December to March, to visit Melbourne. Of course, you will need to be extra cautious not to get sunburnt: drink plenty of water and regularly apply sunscreen. But you’ll enjoy the magnificent beaches, nature, architecture, and cultural sites, so you certainly won’t mind going through this little trouble. If you’re a sports fan, this time of year will also work best for you because you’ll catch such important events as the Australian Grand Prix and the Australian Grand Slam Open. During the summer, Melbourne attracts most tourists, and prices for everything are therefore sky-high, so plan your trip in advance to catch the best offer.  We recommend Fraser Suites in Melbourne to enjoy your stay.
Finally, if you don’t want it to be either too hot or too cold during your stay, you should visit Melbourne from September to November, or from March to May. Melbourne will greet you with pleasant weather without extreme heat and rain showers, and with amazing uncrowded natural sites. This is also will be the best time to explore the city on a bike and have a barbecue or a picnic in a park.