What is NAD Booster Supplement?


NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. NAD plays a prominent role in redox regulation in the body. It is also responsible for acting as a signalling molecule in metabolic and biological pathways. To increase the cellular NAD+ levels NAD boosters are required. The NAD booster is very popular and promising because of its life-promoting and anti-aging effects. Whenever we age there is depletion in the NAD+ levels. This is also accepted as the hallmark of aging. With the help of a NAD booster, you can regain your aging which is remarkable.


Several results have surfaced after studies done on mice. The studies state that NAD boosters have been very beneficial in improving the cognitive and sensory functions in mammals. Not just this it has also been reported to benefit the survival of mammals, which is an extraordinary result. The NAD boosters have also resulted in preventing several diseases such as kidney disorder, cardiovascular and kidney disorders.



Are NAD boosters safe for humans?


The question that arises is these NAD boosters safe for humans. Several reports show that NAD boosters are beneficial for humans but repeated use can cause an increase in cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein. The research done on NAD boosters is still not proven in humans. There require being more research done on this matter for the best results.


NAD Booster Supplement:

NAD comes in two forms, which are NAD+ and NADH. The best way to supplement using NAD boosters is to add more of them for the best results. NAD is when it does not have a molecule present in it but after picking up the molecules, it is known as NADH. NAD+ is a very vital molecule, which is responsible for the heart to pump blood through the veins and lungs to pull in air. All in all, NAD+ is a very prominent molecule and without it, none of our organs would function appropriately.


There are several benefits of NAD booster supplements that are mentioned below.


  • It helps to create an impact on all cell health.
  • NAD boosters help to active Sirtuins, which is a healthy aging and survival protein very beneficial for the body.
  • The NAD booster supplements help to increase telomerase activity that protects the DNA.
  • It also influences the NLRP3 expression that results in controlled cellular inflammation in the body.


NAD is a key component for all biological processes making life possible. There are tremendous health benefits when we boost NAD+ in our bodies. This is because as we age the NAD+ levels begin to decline.