What is a 3DMS ergonomic workstation assessment?

What is a 3DM ergonomic workstation assessment? A 3DMS ergonomic workstation assessment is a simple and cost-effective way in which one can ensure that their workplace meets all safety standards. Failing to meet these safety standards can easily lead to injuries that may have been easily avoidable. In fact, having an ergonomic workstation will help to aid in the prevention of skeletal disorders such as chronic neck and back pain.


A 3DMS ergonomic workstation assessment will help to combat the above mentioned health and safety issues, but will also help to improve efficiency within a company and heighten levels of productivity. It is no secret that employees are more likely to enjoy their job if they are comfortable and feel as though their needs have been accommodated. It is important to keep your most important asset, the employees who keep things running smoothly, in the best shape possible.


3DMS is located in Brisbane and they would love to assist you with any concerns that you may have in regards to the best ergonomic practices available. The company offers group training that will train your staff on the correct ways in which they should consider setting up their belongings and desks in efforts to prevent any injuries from occurring. These training sessions are beneficial as it provides employees with a ton of professionally vouched information and tips that they may not have considered in the past. This actually has the ability to reduce the costs that you, as an employer, will undergo as you won’t have to hire extra help on a regular basis if your employees are taking the proper steps to do their jobs in a safe manner. The ergonomic workplace assessment points out any potential issues with the set up of the office and offers solutions that can easily be implemented.