The conduct of fiscal policy as part of overall macroeconomic management is essential to underpinning growth and stability in the Australian economy.

The sustainability of fiscal settings and the efficiency of individual budget measures help to support consumer and investor confidence, to ensure governments do their job cost-effectively and, ultimately, to assist rising living standards.

A central theme of this Monograph is that effective fiscal rules can guide budget behaviours around a sustainable benchmark, provided that benchmark is properly specified and clearly identified. The combination of transparency and high-quality information can assist political acceptance of the need for budget discipline, without removing necessary fiscal flexibility.

The experience of Australian economic reform over the last
three decades supports this insight. Australia had seen its relative economic performance decline
by the 1980s and arresting this trend required an effective mix of microeconomic and macroeconomic
reforms pursued by successive Australian Governments, at least …

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The Best Areas to Stay in Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, the capital of the Australian state of Queensland and Australia’s third most populous city in Australia, sits on the Brisbane River and is a hub of modern art gallery, beautiful gardens and historical features such as ancient buildings. Brisbane is a sight worth beholding as there are good areas to stay besides having fun activities to carry out. Wonderful sanctuaries such as the Lone Koala Pine Sanctuary located only 12 kilometers from Brisbane City are worth paying a visit. Other scenic features include the Mount Coot – tha Lookout which provides a breath-taking view of the city. As a visitor for the first time, you’ll be spoilt for choice on which place is best place to stay in Brisbane’s CBD.


Brisbane’s Central Business District

For a wonderful dinner, shopping, music and entertainment experience, the best place to stay in is the heart of the city, Brisbane Central …

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