Minerals Tertiary Education Council

The Minerals Tertiary Education Council (MTEC) was set up in October 1999 by the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) to build a world-class tertiary learning environment for the education of professionals for the Australian minerals industry.

Why was MTEC established?

The minerals industry concluded in its discussion paper Back from the Brink (1998) that the delivery of education in Australia's universities had to change if the industry was to maintain and grow its international competitiveness. A course of action was recommended to ensure the supply and quality of technical professionals.

Since 1999, over $20 million of industry funds have been allocated to assist MTEC in the development of industry-focused courses and in the employment of academic staff and educational specialists.

How does MTEC achieve its objectives?

MTEC fosters the partnership between industry, government and academia.

A network of selected university partners is dedicated to achieving true 'world class' education by cooperating in the development and delivery of undergraduate and post graduate programs in the specialist disciplines of earth sciences (specifically minerals geoscience), mining engineering and metallurgy.

Member companies of the Minerals Council of Australia assist by supporting MTEC activities and through financial subscriptions each year. These subscriptions fund the MTEC secretariat and MTEC's programs.

The Commonwealth Government assists through funding grants and by encouraging universities to cooperate and share resources. The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) has supported a number of MTEC programs including the MTEC Early Career Lecturers Program and Mining Education Australia. The DEEWR website has many useful education related statistics as well as information about government grants for education initiatives

MTEC reports to the Workforce Capability Committee of the MCA.

MTEC Programs

Through its university partners, MTEC currently supports and runs a range of educational programs in the Australian minerals tertiary education sector including:

MTEC also runs support programs and projects to assist with attraction, retention and up-skilling of professionals for the Australian minerals industry and is the policy/research division of the MCA dedicated to the tertiary education sector.